Our Western Caribbean Cruise

Joan enjoys an iced tea outside our hotel while waiting for the transfer to the Crown Princess. She's also paying off a debt by wearing my Jimmie Johnson Champion T-Shirt.

The gawd-awful Pink Hotel by the beach

View toward the beach

Finally aboard ship, Joan's checking out the paperwork

View from our balcony

The Oasis of The Seas, Royal Caribbean's Megaship, too damn big for me.


This little Sheriff boat was all over the place, the Deputy aboard apparently used to be the Hall Monitor. He was yelling at every boat that he even THOUGHT was getting out of line.


This apartment building on the way out of port sported a Princess Flag


Heading out to sea


Grand Cayman, these are all that remain of a historic fort. Most was demolished in a dispute between a developer & the city council


This was the bunkhouse for the lookouts


Yar! Here there be Pirates!


View of Grand Cayman Isle


Nice yacht anchored near the Crown Princess

Joan relaxing on our Balcony

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate's life for me....

Speaking of pirates!

This pirate ship took tourists on a cruise of the bay, at the end they made several "walk the plank"

Arriving at Roatan, Honduras

Wreck of a cargo ship

Another wreck left to rust, ran aground on the reef entering the bay

Ashore at Roatan

locals hawking their wares

Local children playing on the beach above

Below are pictures taken from a Semi-submersible. Which is a boat with viewing ports in it's hull. We were about 3 feet below the water line.

Yellowtail Tuna

Grouper, learned that the striped ones are the aggressive males

The next three shots are of the bay in Roatan

These were some African Dancers, not exactly sure what they were doing in Roatan

The next four pictures are of a Cameo Factory in Roatan

Below is what happens when you take your wife shopping in Cozumel and take a nap!

At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

And of course we had to celebrate St. Patty's Day!

Part of the bay in Cozumel that was damaged by hurricanes

The part that survived/rebuilt

Heading out to sea from Cozumel

The next seven pictures are of the Princess Cay, we were supposed to spend the day there at the beach snorkling but the Capt. decided the winds were too severe to safely tender from the ship to the pier. DAMN!

Our last night at sea, nice sunset

Joan feigns distress whilst I take a bite outta crime!

Tha' uh tha' uh tha's all folks!

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